After the last cold, wet weeks and months, people are now longing for some sun. But attention!, especially when the skin hasn’t seen sun for a long time, special protective measures have to be taken to avoid skin damage by sunburns. An important and mostly under estimated role in protection from sun and harmful UV rays plays the proper clothing, the so-called textile skin protection.
There are big differences in the protective effect: synthetic fiber textiles absorb only 50% of the UV radiation. Remember this when you do your next work out, wearing a microfibre function shirt in the blazing sun. Cotton textiles, however, absorb up to 94% of the UV radiation! This makes cotton THE textile skin protection!

There, were you find the most intense heat and one of the highest UV radiation, in the desert, people know for centuries how to protect themselves optimally: with cotton clothes. Sunburns are unknown among Bedouin people. Neither did they know of function wear, nor did they need it. Cotton does the job! Also important: dark clothing is much better (photo) than bright, colour clothing. Why is that? At high temperatures white clothing reflects the body’s heat  back to the skin (same way it reflects the sun’s heat back to the sun). Dark clothing, however, offers more shade. And finally, between skin and loose worn outerwear, there is a stronger draught from below upwards that has a further cooling effect.

Traditional and ecological sun protector: dark coloured cotton clothing

Traditional and ecological sun protector: dark coloured cotton clothing

If cotton clothing is now combined with the silver fibre, then you have the optimum in textile skin protection. Because silver has more positive effects on the physical well-being:
  • It regulates the temperature: warm in cold environment, comfortably cool in warm weather.
  • It promotes evaporation of moisture, perspiration is reduced naturally.
  • It stops bad odour because silver is antimicrobial. And bad odour is caused by bacteria. Silver does the job. Within short notice. Sure!

The best skin protection is, of course, to avoid stress for the skin, so to stay away from the Sun. If you can’t do it (because you are working outdoors) or don’t want to (you are on holiday at the beach) then you should follow a few rules (more about it here in a post of German Early Morning TV Show) to prevent sunburn. And when it comes to textile skin protection, especially in the summer, then clothing with silver fibre is the choice.

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