There are several diseases in the world, that are so rare, that no medical company is interested to develop a medicine or even a cure. There are just not „enough“ people suffering this disease. The situation for the patients is the pure horror: they have to look for alternatives themself and once they have found something that helps, the health insurance will not pay because „this medicine is not developped for the specific disease“. And the patient is completely left alone.

One of these rare diseases is Prurigo nodularis. No cure and almost no medication… But now there is a little positive news. Please read what a patient from southern Germany wrote us recently:

I suffer from a disease, Prurigo nodularis, with a bloody rash and an uncomfortable itch. At the beginning of the year (2012, comment by BestSilver), I was absolutely desperate: Most textiles made from 100% cotton felt unbearable to wear. I was first introduced to silver functional textiles at the Department for Clinical Medicine at the Dermatological Clinic in Heidelberg. Until then, I had not heard about this option. On request, BestSilver provided me with information material and a textile sample which took me by surprise. In late March, I ordered an initial set including socks and over-knees. By the way, the comfort lining is pressure-free and does not trigger itching.

Now, with three months past, I can state that there is nothing better for my skin than these textiles. With time, the itch was reduced where it was covered by silver textiles. It was a wise move to buy black textiles only since they can be very well combined with both white and colour.

When trying on the long black slacks, I noticed that I can easily wear them as leggings. Combined with a loose-fitting shirt, I feel chic even at home. For the first time, I will be wearing a long-sleeved shirt and long slacks as a pyjama in winter, which never worked out for me before. Additionally, I can say good-bye to tights during the cold season. Meanwhile, I have been stocking up and plan to add even more silver textiles by winter. The sensation of medical silver underwear on the skin, covered by a lightweight and colourful wardrobe that I can combine with black, looks quite dashing as well. At the moment I am in the lucky position that my medical condition has been improving due to internal treatment. Wearing silver textiles will always remain important to my life since they mean such a long-term blessing for the skin. I want to express a sincere thank you to the inventor of these textiles and the company BestSilver.

Gertraud S. Heidelberg/Germany

Silvertextiles to ease not only the sufferings of Prurigo but also other rare skin diseases like Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) you find directly here at BestSilver.

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