Do you suffer from Dermatitis? Raynaud’s Syndrome? Dust Mite Allergy? and are you a member of a Self Help Organisation like f.e. the RSA?

If so, then here is some good news for you: members of recognized self-help organizations get a special discount of 20% at BestSilver’s online shop. Starting with the first product you buy. Discount is valid for Best4Body® Dermatitis silverwear, the Best4Feet® silver socks, Best4Hand silver gloves and naturally also for the Best4Dream silver bedlinen.

You need to verify your membership by entering the name of the organisation and the membership number into the „remarks“ window before you click the „buy now“ button. If you do not want to transmit such information via the internet, you can inform aus also by fax (+49-40-4921-9988) or by phone: +49-4161-554713.

BestSilver Dermatitis Silverwear is the natural, cortisone-free alternative. Stop itch and break the vicious circle thanks to a woven-in silverfibre, made from 99,9% pure silver.

Stop the vicious circle

BestSilver Silverwear stop the vicious circle of itch, scratch, itch ….

Machine wash without loosing effect. Tumble dry at low temperatures. No Nano! No risks! No side effects!

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