Either you have forgotten the sun protection milk or you did not apply apply all over or suddenly the shadow was gone or you simply ran out of luck. And now the skin is reddened and burns like hell.

To cool, to cool, to cool is the rule. Nice, but there is never enough water at hand and the ointment for burns is at home in the medicine cabinet and anyway beyond the expiration date.
Sunburn First Aid

But there is an easy method: simply lay the SilverButler (the silver cloth, which you should have always and everywhere with you, because it fits in every, even the smallest pocket) on the affected area. Silver cools very efficiently. Dampen the cloth enhances the effect by evaporative cooling (if no water at hand…the own spit does the job too); the heat is quickly transported off the body, burning is stopped; noticeable relief comes up.

Repeat this process (wettening the cloth, laying 10 minutes onto the affected area) several times. After the second time, you may experience the burning becoming less. Often the burn is „transported off“ after an hour and you might feel well again.

By the way: it also works with small scalds, which happened to me once, when I accidentally turned the shower instead of warm to cold, from warm to scalding hot. My right forearm was burning like hell. 4 x applying the wet SilverButler and the haunting was gone.
But SilverButler can do even more: see here

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